Get Dialed is a customer service agency located in Boise, Idaho. We Provide US-Based, World-Class, Multi-Media (Phone, Live Chat, and Email) Services.

Inbound & Outbound Customer Service

Failed Transaction Recovery

Customer Retention Programs

Chargeback Mitigation Programs

Customized Customer Care Programs

Inbound & Outbound Sales Campaigns



We focus on supporting your customers while you focus on growing your company. If you need world-class customer service and sales operations, then you need to get dialed-in with Get Dialed. We provide transaction-Based, Low-Cost Customer Service. 


Our center is run by top notch, professional management, backed by the experience of building and managing over 50 call centers around-the-world.

Are you covering all of your contact channels? As an omni-channel digital technology platform, Get dialed supports your customers via email, chat, and phone. We offer inbound and outbound sales campaigns, dispute resolution, and chargeback mitigation programs.

Get Dialed keeps you informed by providing customer feedback, quality control reports, management reporting, and technology that ensures quality, while measuring results.



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